Segue interview in Zebra & Inthemix

Segue_Zebra_CoverA couple of interviews hit the news-stands and interwebs. Segue was on the cover of Zebra magazine this week, the dance publication as part of Australia’s Time Off. They ran a fun “In The Studio With Segue” style piece (check this photo and that photo) that touches on the collaboration with Vitreous. Moving further into that topic, an interview on gets down into the gig I just played with Chris “Vitreous” Buckridge at the wonderful Bar Soma on Friday night. There is one factual error that I have to correct there, in that Leo is no longer a member of Segue and has left to pursue his DJ’ing. I made a dumb joke about that, saying that he has gone “Underwater“, but it’s a bit of an extreme Underworld fan pun that only the guy from Time Off got. Dance music is serious business. I’ll save the jokes for the next time someone asks me how stable Ableton Live 8.1 is. Thanks ITM & Zebra!

Scientific Sounds of Segue

Two things mark this week out as interesting. One being the beginnings of our run with the street press and dance music media, and the other being me finally going to see a medical professional about a torn something-or-other in my shoulder by way of one too many slips on New Zealand mountains a while back. What has this got to do with anything? Gigs. With gigs comes lugging flightcases, and with gigs come some common questions from the media and even promoters. Namely, about what your sound is. So what is the sound of Segue these days? Let’s find out in this informative movie.

Segue & Vitreous at Jamie Jones

Jamie_Jones_Segue_VitreousSegue and Vitreous are playing a special live set together at Bar Soma in Brisbane on the 4th of December. Vitreous will be flying in from Amsterdam for an incredible night in support of Jamie Jones. Jamie is a very cool cat from London, on the Deep House and Detroit tip and amid a mighty world tour. You can feast on his Essential Mix or check out some Youtube here and here. This is going to be a great gig and Vitreous and I are excited to be able to bust out some of the deeper and jacking sounds that we have been bouncing back and forth. There will be some fresh takes on some of our released collabs as well, including Guise and Pine. If you are in the neighbourhood, come on down. More info on the event here. Also, if you want to hear something more down the line of the Deep House angle we have been writing together, join the Segue Mailing List as I will post a fresh download to it in the next week.

Remix, Bass, House… Puppets?


A great week for music keeps on getting better. I got started on doing a remix for Melbourne’s Fromage Disco, which came at a great time as I have pulled out the bass guitar and am using it as a great vehicle to record some riffs with. I posted a quick and early snippet of this in progress over the weekend on the Segue Twitter account, which you can still listen to here. It has been an enjoyable track to work on, and play on, and as it would happen the Fromage Disco lads are coming up to play at Bar Soma in Brisbane this week. Check them out if you’re in the neighbourhood. I’ll be popping in, though it’s a big week with both Sasha and Jaytech hitting Brisbane in quick succession. If you’re wondering what the photo above of the sock puppet has to do with me remixing Fromage Disco, you can check out the film clip for their single, entitled “Vicious”, on YouTube.

Updates. So wrap me in tape.

Segue_Tape_ShotHere’s an update that is frustrating to make. Some of the previous posts since I got back from Hong Kong have gone missing in an update in the back end of the site, so I will have to restore those this weekend. As for right now, there is a lot of excitement bouncing around like a ping pong ball in zero gravity. New hardware, new music, new releases on the way, a new remix for Fromage Disco to start and new gigs booked. Also a new haircut thanks to Harley at Orb, notable only as a rush before shooting some proof of concept photos for an idea I’ve had for promo photos with Vitreous. We’ve got some media and gigs coming up so we are working through ideas for a bio photo of us that gets around the fact that we are, at present, in different countries. One idea involved VHS cassettes, a hung blanket, a few lamps and the 450D giving some quick test shots. I’ve now learned how hot it can be standing still for half an hour wrapped in tape. Which is to say, hot. So there’s an update. Now I’m off to practice some bass guitar and tear my piano fingers up a little more.

Postcard from Hong Kong

Hong_Kong_Signs_And_AllJust a quick post from Hong Kong, where it’s hot and humid and we eagerly await the arrival of a bunch of guys from Essex. Or, in other words, one of the world’s leading electronic live acts. Aside from them, it is a city deserving of attention. I’ve enjoyed simply wandering among the chaos, recording some audio samples, and have had a few interesting track ideas pour out back in the hotel at night. The city smells like something. I’m the tallest person here. I got the nickname of “pacman”. I walk around and eat everything in site. I’m off to an arcade to fight Gundam robots. I’m feeling electric.

The Monome Has Landed


A few packages hit the desk today, including the Mackie 1202 VLZ3 which replaces the rather heavier and larger console mixer which has been the staple for Segue and the odd Silent Shadow gig over the last year or so. Most excitedly, the Monome 40h kit has arrived. Unfortunately I don’t have time to assemble it this weekend, as I fly out to Hong Kong on Saturday and will be busy eating noodles, buying robots and getting custom Kung-Fu suits made simply because, well, that’s what you do in Hong Kong. I think. But I’m very excited about coming back to put this together for the gig at Bar Soma. Check more photos of the new Monome kit out on the Segue FlickR page.

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Mixing Down. Is Awesome.


Over the past week I have mixed down both a remix and an original single of sorts. I say of sorts as that is a collaborative single by myself and Amsterdam-based colleague Chris “Vitreous” Buckridge. We have mixed a Pacific Mix and an Atlantic Mix of our track “Pine”, which will be out on Smash Bang Records shortly. Also I’ve knocked out a very quick and short-deadlined remix for Alex Ward and his Dektek label. This is for his track “Showcase”, which should be out on or around the day of the Dektek showcase gig that I’m playing live at.

Here’s a snippet of unmastered versions of Pine and Showcase.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Segue Studio Timelapse Test

I finally got around to doing a proof of concept test of a timelapse animation over the weekend. Hooking a Canon 450D DSLR digital still camera up to a Macbook, and setting the remote capture software to grab a frame every 10 seconds, I had the intention of roughly capturing a recording session. Instead I just quickly tidied up the studio, watched some Underworld videos on Youtube, posted on Twitter, and for the breifest of moments actually worked on a track in Ableton. Dumping the photos into Vegas, I knocked up this rough timelapse video. This is my first time testing this out, though our VJ collaborator Jaymis has done quite a few interesting timelapses over the years. I can’t wait to try this out in Hong Kong in a couple of weeks.

The track snippet in this video is a rough mix for a remix I did for Vitreous. The track is called “Pine”, and will be revisited for a fresh mixdown before being signed off and released shortly. More on that soon. Not in the “will tell you when we can” mysterious sense, but in the “we don’t actually know” realistic sense.

Late Night Robot Attack!!!

One of the things a blog should be about, and certainly for a band, is sharing some raw ideas. As I write a few different things for a few different publications week in and week out, I think I’ve let the original fun idea of a frequently used Segue blog fall into routine and a form of uniformity. Thankfully, I had a nice dose of inspiration on Friday night, heading out to catch the dual joys of Berlin Sessions at Bar Soma and Jody Wisternoff at Moon Bar. At the latter, Kris had a DJ set after Jody and ambitions to be entirely sober for it, and at the former it was great to catch up with the Logic lads and appreciate how far Nick and the crew have taken Bar Soma. So it was an interesting night. Kris dropped some originals, I lost my voice, various friends were escorted out of various venues and the usual collection of unprintable antics. I came home and threw together this little idea, before sleep overtook me and I eventually woke up wondering why I couldn’t speak anymore. I’m thinking it’s a voodoo curse. Or just talking loudly over loud music. In any case, here’s what I woke up to. It’s not a track. It’s an idea. And it’s about time to start sharing them more:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The name is literally the first thing I saw. Not being in much of a state to ponder deep and meaningful names at the time, and indeed, as per the picture above, being entertained at the time by a dancing Isobot robot in front of a rather moody lamp. Which is about all I really have to say on the matter.