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  • Segue - Pronunciation key "segway"
  • 1. Music. To make a transition directly from one section or theme to another
  • 2. To move smoothly and unhesitatingly from one state, condition, situation, or element to another
Dance music production units often choose intentionally abstract monikers, but for Segue the name is an apt description of both their union and musical philosophy. This merger of Brisbane scene veterans Leo Hede and Dave Dri took shape in early 2006, though soon finding themselves touted as the next live act to watch break out of Brisbane and into the national clubbing consciousness. Not that Hede and Dri are unfamiliar with rocking crowds on a regular basis. As part of electro-tech duo Statler & Waldorf, Hede has released a critically acclaimed EP and album, remixed Sarah Blasko, scored high-rotation on Triple J and played festivals such as Big Day Out and Earthcore. Dri also has a wealth of experience, pounding the east coast of Australia with breaks collective Superfluid on the back of album releases on seminal Australian label Creative Vibes before undertaking a solo tour of Europe in 2004 which saw him become the first Australian to perform at Serbia’s celebrated Exit Fest. Sensing a musical change in the wind and recognising the growing similarities between the music they were producing as solo entities, the duo put together an improvised set at Gooble on Rainbow Beach in late 2005. The pair’s fusion of progressive house and acid techno blended immediately, and thus Segue was born. Since announcing their arrival with an uncompromising focus on their live show, Segue have rapidly made an impact on the Brisbane club scene, due in part to their monstrous live performance rig. With two laptops, synths, MPC sampler, MIDI controllers and FX units all triggered live on stage, Segue are willing to walk the tightrope in the live arena where some contemporaries baulk at performing without a safety net. “It’s the eternal and much argued balance between risk and self indulgence” Dri says wryly, and reaction to their sets so far suggests the risk is paying off big time. Leo is more abrupt with his explanation of the extent of their stage setup, stating with a characteristic smile “this is what we enjoy, so this is how we play”. Beginning with the requisite support slots of touring acts such as King Unique, Jaytech and Soma Rasa, the duo broke through to headline with the inclusion of VJ Jaymis making their full live set a multi-sensory explosion. Synchronised and live triggered visuals aside, the Segue show has burst across the who’s who of Brisbane progressive house, techno and acid club nights and events, with regular visits and the odd live performance for radio. The act is soon to announce an upcoming release schedule, building upon a positive buzz from exclusive promo’s in orbit throughout much of 2007. An assault of progressive house and acid tech via a monster live rig. Segue are electric.